Bonuses and levels

In order to reward participation in the online portion of the campaign, we’ll be awarding the following incentives:

Completed character bio – Player’s choice of a feat or talent

First log entry – Free talent from one class the character has levels in

Second log entry – One extra Force point per level

Third log entry – Receive a feat, selectable from the full list

Fourth log entry – Gain +1 to an attribute

Fifth log entry – Add 1 to the character’s Base Attack Bonus

More awards will be added as the players reach the current top tier.
Additionally, for each log, players will receive a bonus card. There are 27 unique cards (2 of each) with different effects that are beneficial to your character, ranging from enhancing skill checks to providing access to cross-class talents. These should prove to be very useful, so I hope to see you earn some soon !

Bonuses and levels

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