Sith Academy

Kai's Journal #2

A state of change

Since my last entry, events have transpired at the Academy that I had not expected. First and foremost was the division of our class into teams. It was my impression that the Sith were solitary by nature, so it was a bit surprising to be grouped with other initiates in this manner. Headmaster Andros did mention in his initial convocation speech that he wanted to encourage cohesion among the Sith, however; I suppose this is one way of going about it.

My team was mostly agreeable to my presence, aside from one student. He appeared to be a full-blooded Arkanian. He certainly carried the bias of one. He demanded that I be removed from the group, and did so with no shortage of crude invective. I had hoped that leaving Arkania behind meant I would no longer be subjected to the spiteful nature of its people. When gently correcting his misguided assumptions did not work, I took my leave of him and the others and set out to make my own group.

Rotworm was in a similar situation, so I invited him to join me. We also managed to recruit Varon, who left House Defiant when I did. Shortly afterward, Victor was ejected from his group when the Arkanian bested him in physical combat, so we took him in as well. My hope is that our individual strengths will combine to create a formidable team.

We will surely be put to the test in the forthcoming weeks. I will update as we progress. End entry.



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