Sith Academy

Rotworm's Log #2

Confusion, Pride, and Pain

Ugh, I’ll have to make this log quick. I’m going to head to Master Pel’s class after I finish my mid day meal. So…I wasn’t expecting things to turn out as they have. The lists for the teams have been posted, but it seemed that a few students thought that they’d make up there own teams. And thanks to those same individuals I wasted a whole night running around trying to find out whose team I would be on. Luckily, I was able to become part of a team with Kai, Victor, and Varon. Still working on getting another member to join our team. But, before any of this happened, I believe made myself an enemy.

It happened when I was overlooking the team rosters with the other initiates. Someone called out to me the word I thought I’d never have to be called again, “slave.” I could tell he was some kind of noble. I told me to take his and his two friends luggage. Now, had he done this with any other initiate they might have assaulted him. Me? No. Instead I decided, I’ll take there bags, but they never said where to put them. Hehehe, hope they like digging through sand.

Then came today’s weapon training practice. I figured the guy would be pissed about his stuff. But, there was no way I was expecting him to strike at me unarmed. Luckily, Victor was willing to back me up and hold his attention while I armed myself and returned his surprise attack with one of my own. It’s a shame Master Kalios arrived when he did, otherwise I might have give that guy something to think about while in the medical bay.

There is one other thing that has been bothering me. It happened on the way to the archive last night. I was walking through the halls on my normal route when suddenly when I rounded the corner there stood a large Sith wearing armor with a lightsaber drawn. I tried talking to him, but there was no response. He rose his saber in the air as to cut me down. And I will not lie, I froze. I didn’t know what to do, so I closed my eyes and awaited my demise. And nothing happened. It as if he was never there. I went to the med bay and spoke with them about this. They say it might be stress, a force apparition, or some effects from the liquid I drank during my trails kicking in. Ether way, I think there saying I might be going crazy. Just great. That’s all I need now.

Oh well. All this is behind me, for now. I’ve got my team and I have proven I can hold my own in a fight, in my own kind of way. I’m just looking forward to the lore class. Maybe a little training of the mind will help me sort out my thoughts. I better finish my meal. That’s all for now.



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