Sith Academy

Rotworm's Log #1

A Rough Start

So this datapad they gave me, I’m guessing they want me to use it for note taking and things like that. But, I figure I make better use of it keeping track of my personal progress here at the Academy. And considering how I ended up starting out here on Korriban I just may get a good laugh or two looking at this in the future. So, definitely didn’t expect to waking to my first day here in a detention cell or with a slave collar on me. I wont lie, nearly lost it when I found that there but, luckily Head Master Andros was there to sort things out. As for the Academy itself? It’s like paradise compared to what I was used to. I’m slowly learning many things here. I’ve begun to learn how to fight, the ways of the Sith, and I’ve even begun to learn what the ‘Force’ is.

I’ve only been able to meet two of the masters, not including the Master of the Archives. Master Kalios, Master of Weapons, strong, aggressive, and not hesitant to assert his dominance over others. These are only few ways I’d describe him but, these qualities certainly are what a Sith is expected to be, at least to most. While his class is certainly helping in improving my combat skills, his methods for fighting do not appeal to me. Next met was Master Pel, Master of Lore, who in my opinion is Master Kalios’ opposite in every way. Knowledgeable, Wise, and oddly calm for a Sith, or maybe Master Kalios has just giving me the wrong idea. He has taught me far more then one has else since arriving on Korriban. The Sith, the Code, and much knowledge and history surrounding both. Thanks to him I’m really learning what it means to be here.

Since taking up residence in the Academy barracks I’ve begun to make acquaintances with the other initiates. Some better then others. Varon Cass, I know very little of him other then he is one of the larger initiates and posses an odd lax feel about him. He seems to have prier knowledge of weapon combat, as well an understanding of the Force. He might be useful later in improving myself in such fields. Then there’s Victor Sundar…I’m not too fond of him. From what I’ve heard around he’s some kind of noble. At first when I met him he tried to instruct me on how I should use a weapon, then tried to prove his fighting style by dueling Varon. To be honest I stopped paying attention to there fight and went to go get a meal, not really sure who won. Don’t really care. It was later however when I learned I would really detest Victor…he has a slave! What kind of person comes here and brings a slave? Just…I don’t even have words. I need to change the subject.

Vahll Taran, I don’t really know much about him. I’ve heard he has family ties with a member of the Dark Council here on Korriban but, that might just be rumor. It would make sense thou. He was one of the only initiates to already posses a lightsaber . His personality leaves me a bit confused thou. There doesn’t seem to be any right or reason behind them, maybe he’s just a complex individual or perhaps I’m thinking too much into it. Finally, there’s Kai Edessa. If there was anyone I’ve met so far I would be likely to friendly it would be her. She seem to be the quiet, timid type. Thus she doesn’t talk much about herself and I don’t know much about her because of that. But, she appears to have no problem with my former background. And it is that nature of hers that makes it easier for me to talk to her. Now that I think about it, I believe she did mention something about ‘Alchemy’. I’m not sure what that is yet. Regardless, when the teams are chosen I hope me and her end up on the same team, or at least on teams that aren’t rivals.

Well it’s been a busy few days. I best get some rest, something tells me it’s only gonna get harder from here.



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