Sith Academy

Kai's Journal #1

The beginning

So, this is what life is like among the Sith. I must admit, it’s not exactly what I expected. The people here are less… savage than I had predicted. Generally. There do seem to be a few students that make up with vigor what they lack in civilization, but I’m pleased to find that they are the exception, rather than the rule.

After one week at this Academy, I’ve begun to gather some observations of my own. The faculty seem to be very talented in their respected fields. Master Kallos, the weaponsmaster, is a bit of a tyrant. He is, however, incredibly skilled in the art of battle. After watching my fellow initiates take part in his training, I’m afraid my own combat prowess leaves much to be desired. Then again, I’ve never dreamt of glory on a battlefield. I’ll leave that to the warriors.

Speaking of which, I have managed to connect with a few of the other students. One of the first people I spoke to was Victor Sundar, a noble from the Tapani sector. He, like myself, seems to be here out of necessity. His demeanor, however, fluctuates between approachable and overbearing. I’m interested to see which is closer to the truth.

Similarly, there is another prestigious member of our class, Vahll Taran. The other students whisper that his mother is on the Dark Council, which I suppose has some measure of authority in the Sith government. If that is true, I imagine he must be burdened by his state. There are expectations of those born into a powerful family, fair or not, and a level of scrutiny that can be almost suffocating. Perhaps we can find some common ground.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have Rotworm. He was (is?) a slave, based on his facial markings. Others seem to underestimate him for that reason. I, for one, can see the benefit in that. It is preferable to avoid the attentions of people who may wish to harm or control you, and his humble beginnings afford him that opportunity. He is also one of the easiest students to talk to, at least for me.

The last person of note is Varon Cass. He appears to possess a level of discipline that many others could benefit from. He does not resort to violence without need, and has shown more concern for defending others than proving his own might. That may also be because he’s so physically imposing. He may be second in stature only to Sek’nos Aldamar. If I could reach an agreement with him for protection, I think I’d be able to rest easier at night.

I will update with more information soon. End entry.



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